It’s not all bad in January, especially when you live somewhere with perennial sunshine. I was sent an article about how awful it is to have your birthday in January and wanted to offer a more positive take. Then – because I’m a January-born Capricorn – I sat down and thought about it.
Hmmm. Actually January can be a bit rubbish, so I had to dig deep.
I can move my body (and I get out and push it hard as many times a week as possible), I can exercise my brain (sorry…you’re reading the results) and my family are in good health. There is dire news coming in from all over the world, and I almost feel a bit selfish sharing my thoughts about birthdays, but for all my fellow January birthday bunnies, here’s a bit of support. (This is “support” as in “support tights” – not strictly necessary but certainly make our tummies feel a bit smoother).
You only have one birthday so how do you really know that it’s worse in January? People are saving for holidays (or away on them) in the summer and preparing for Christmas in December. Grey skies mean it’s cosy inside. Plus I got lots of lovely Facebook messages this year, as people knuckle down back to their computers or simply fail to give up on Facebook as per many NY resolutions.
I appreciate every single one. Thankyou thankyou thankyou.
Having said that, there are some truths about January that there’s just no getting away from:
The presents: You do get recycled Christmas presents that are often lacking in personal intention. Thanks for the coasters!

The cards: This year someone actually gave me a gift tag. Hey, at least it had a written message. Since moving to the UAE most people have given up on the postal service out here. For those of you who haven’t, THANK YOU for persevering with our long address, cost of postage and PO Box number – it means a lot.

Money is tight: There’s no getting around that one. See “gift tag” above.

Everything else is tight: Jeans. Tops. Underwear. Yuck. I’m not really in the mood to “shake it off”, thanks Taylor Swift, although I love your enthusiasm and your personal stick-like ability to ride out the sugar wave over Christmas. Still rocking a size 00 I see.

Yet your appetite is still raging: Yes, we’re addicted to sugar and if you don’t join the masses and kick the habit at the start of January, there’s very little pleasure left in it by the middle of the month. Chowing through your own birthday cake is not much fun after a decadent December. Plus…

It’s time to be healthy!: Yes, love it or hate it, I find I have to exercise to think clearly / shake off my poor-quality sleep / combat my muffin top. If you can resist all the “new year new you” hype, you’re stronger than me. I actually like kale, eggs, walnuts and salad. I just like Häagen-Dazs too.

You’re one year older: OK, not strictly a January thing, but you need less food, more sleep and have to work twice as hard on that muffin top as your metabolism is one year slower. Woop!
Happy New Birthday! (Yes, someone actually wrote this to me. I still love them. It’s fine. I think they’ve just given up sugar).