It’s been a busy month for the little mucks and me – they’ve had never-ending colds, viruses, coughs and high temperatures. My kitchen has turned into a mini-pharmacy, with Nurofen for Children, Panadol for Children, endless cough syrups (different versions for age 6 and age 3), nose sprays (seriously we never needed those when we were kids), tissue boxes and thermometers.  Then we had man flu in the house on top of it all, so the whole world came to an end.

Did I mention I wasn’t actually sick myself? I drink a LOT of green tea. I’ll just go and polish my halo.

Speaking of halos, in our darkest of germ-infested days, I succumbed to the couch and took in the most life-affirming film I’ve seen in ages.   At the risk of writing a particularly woe-is-me post about everyone being sick, I decided to write a little film review instead.  Be warned, this film contains schmaltz, children who see the light and amend their ways, and a caustic old man who also – yes – sees the light and amends his ways.  But here are 5 reasons why you might just love the film as much as me.

It’s called “St. Vincent”.

1. Bill Murray is in it

Ever since Ghostbusters, this man has done no wrong. Contradict me if you like; I’m more than happy to enter into a debate about this man’s talents. He delivers lines as innocuously and genuinely as my grandfather, with so much heart, nonchalance and stifled emotion it’s impossible to believe he’s acting. He’s such a misanthrope (see, all those years of studying French haven’t gone to waste, thank you Molière) but there are lots of layers to this character, which mean he’s still capable of the art of surprise.

2. Melissa McCarthy is in it

Forget her comedic skills for now and feast your eyes on one of the most wonderful actresses of our time. Her delivery could call for comedy or tragedy, but what I love is the way that she personifies the way that every mother stomachs her emotions and restrains her language to try to keep the peace and do the best for her children.

3. Naomi Watts is in it

For a total curve ball, with Melissa McCarthy playing it straight, enter an unrecognisable Naomi Watts as a stripper called Daka. Here comes the comedy. Pregnant, Russian and so bedecked in fur and cheap polyester, I only realised halfway through that I was actually watching Naomi Watts. Such is the depth of her characterisation, accent, gait and sheer acting skill, it was only her jawline that really gave her away. You’ve come a long way since King Kong, Naomi.

4. It’s starring a young Cameron from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”!

OK, maybe not quite true but Jaeden Lieberher really reminded me of him, and he was brilliant.  What an opportunity. Don’t do a Culkin on us. More please.

5. It has great end credits

You won’t need much encouragement to sit through to the end but the credits are a joy to behold. I suspect there is some improvisation in this movie, but Bill Murray clearly has enjoyed himself with this particular opportunity. Oh and we also have Chris O’Dowd playing a bashful priest. Amen to that.

Bill Murray