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Today I decided to update my music on the SD card that lives in my car.  It has been there for over a year, since my much more musically-trendy husband decided it was time to move on from “The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round” and educate our little mucks about different types of music.  Personally I feel quite bouncy on the school run with the dulcet tones of the CBeebies presenters to keep us company, but as we listened to yet another round of Mr. Bloom, I had to concede that he was right.

Going through our iTunes library is a major feat.  We have collated so much music over the years and sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming.  Then, my littlest girl came into the room pretending to be a cat called Gloria, and that reminded me of the MOST BRILLIANT track by Laura Branigan from 1982.  Which means – and I’m going to let you into a highly classified secret here – I must have been 5 years old when it was on “Top of the Pops”.  I can remember coming home from ballet and dancing like crazy to it in our living room while we watched it.

Every Thursday, 7pm without fail, we would be allowed a can of Lilt or sometimes Coca-Cola (imagine if you actually chose to give your children that now!) and we would watch “Top of the Pops”.  My sister and I would do thumbs up for the songs we loved, and thumbs down for the songs that just didn’t cut it for us (at the highly critical ages of 5 and 3).  In truth, we loved every song, the chart interruptions for live music and the cool 80s dancers on little stages in the crowd.  We loved the hair, the clothes, the amazing make-up…Adam Ant, Boy George and Cyndi Lauper.  At school we scraped our hair into sideways pony-tails on the top of our heads, rolled our socks down and tried to repeat the choreography seared into our imaginations from the previous evening.

When I was bit older, I would carefully cut out the Top 20 chart from each treasured issue of Smash Hits, fill it in and stick it on my wall.  If I wasn’t fast enough to write during TOTP (there was a lot of thumbs up and thumbs down to do too), there was always the Chart Show on Radio 1 on Sundays. If you were really clever, you could tape it and try to cut out the talking, so that you had your very own mix-tape.  In my opinion Yazz was THE most fabulous woman on TV, Madonna was always a favourite, and I felt a bit scared of Billy Idol.  On the odd occasion we’ve had an 80s night (which I swear is not every single weekend in our house …ahem…) I am always able to throw an outfit together. Pink fingerless gloves, legwarmers, safety pins and lots of lace…doesn’t everyone have a drawer full of those?